Modernised digital experience; empowering stakeholders' communication and internal camaraderie.


The redesign exercise is not set to be merely a ‘cosmetic make-over’ but instead was envisioned to be an enhancement of content delivery, while fulfilling its full potential as an efficient Digital Branding & Stakeholders’ Management Strategy which focuses on maintaining a good balance between fluid User Experience, content dissemination and internal branding as well as a public relations platform.

All solutions detailed out in this proposal intend to address the main objective of architecting a World-Class Website & Intranet facility that serves as the digital communication platforms that enhances PRefChem’s stature as a significant partnership between two industry giants.

The User Experience should be engaging and powerful, equipped with fluid integrated online functions and up-to-date technology deployment. We achieved these by deploying :

A. User Experience Redesign & Technological Strategy

This exercise was carried out to ensure the solution we are building will fit and meet PRefChem’s expectations in terms of look & feel, while ensuring PRefChem’s Branding Identity and Corporate Communication strategies are

B. Technological Strategy : Development, Customisation and Implementation

The website and Intranet are built on one of the most reliable Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world, Drupal version 8. While the UX Strategy charts the path of the flow, it also helped with us pinning down and prioritising goals and milestones; ensuring a very clear and no-fuss UX for every user visiting.

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