We are from Pocket Pixel; a team that provides web-based services, executes Social Media strategies, craft digital and
print branding designs and build customized systems.


We figured out lately that we oughta start creating things for ourselves, so we know them inside out; so we get to recognize every screws, bolts, paths and corners.


Integrated Digital Branding

Capturing audience’s attention takes uniqueness and engaging
experiences, and by fusing our expertise in Technology, Creative
Contents and Social Media Strategies; we are able to craft the experience and leave an impression that is both intriguing and impactful; yet trendy.

Pocket Pixel

Est. 2002

It has been 14 years, and Pocketpixel has over time pivoted our businesses based on our strengths and technological development. Our skills, knowledge and attitude towards what we do now is shaped from experiences gathered over those years - from Companies and Organizations we have served, People we have met, Things we have heard; Sweat we have shed.

We believe that’s where our truest strength lies : we are consistently learning, unlearning and are relearning EVERYTHING about our business. And these knowledge don’t easily fade, at least for us — cause everything was learned and done out of Passion.

Skills. Experience. Gumption.
That’s what you get we you engage Pocketpixel.



 Some of our significant current and past works

Bank Rakyat


With experience spanning over 58 years, Bank Rakyat is one of the top and well-established Banking Institutions in Malaysia, and today; is the biggest Islamic cooperative bank in Malaysia. With this reputation, the efficiency of the Organisation should be evident from all aspects, including the biggest Public’s gateway to the Organisation; which is the Official Portal.

We and our partner has worked to upgrade the Portal, with the goal of improving Customer Service via the website; as well as strengthen Bank Rakyat’s branding amongst the Public.

Tabung Haji Redesign


The initial goal in 2011 revamp was to achieve a better ranking on the list of MDEC's Malaysian Government Web Portal Assessment (MWGPA); and in with strategies and improvement plans that we have implemented, TH's site ranking has risen from 3 stars to 4 stars in 2013.

We didn’t stop there. In 2015, we had the privilege yet again of designing and building the new Look & Feel for TH's website, but this time it is made even more exclusive : we built the Content Management System (CMS) from scratch to ensure complete, unmatchable User Experience : combining both aesthetics, speed and security.

Standards Malaysia

The revamp was done to update not only the look and feel of the website but also to equip the site with better functionalities and User Experience as they have a number of directories to be used by Users.


Making the best better is not an easy task, but we took the challenge to revamp JAKOA's web- site which has been rated 5 star for MWGPA. With a refreshed layout and content structure; JAKOA's stakeholders would be able to benefit from a more current look of the website while maintaining the experience that JAKOA has offered on their website in the past year.

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia

Being Nation’s Warehouse of Knowledge, PNM (National Library of Malaysia) definitely knows that knowledge is best partnered with technology; and Pocket is the best partner to assist them in terms of systems, branding and multimedia through many successful campaigns, projects and events.


Managing accommodation for students of a Higher Learning Institution, educating over 12,000 local and international students requires a fluid system flow, and Pocket has assisted UNISEL with a Hostel Management System; which has increased UNISEL’s students management efficiency. We replaced their ready made solutions purchased froma foreign company with a tailor-made system and reduced 40% oftheir staffs’ daily tasks and half of their initial purchase and maintenance cost.

Off To Nature

Off To Nature 2014 is an event hosted by Motoriders Adventure (MRA); requires an online solutions to handle registrations for the event as the riders who joined the event came from all over Malaysia, as well as all the way from Singapore. It was linked from a website, (which was fashioned for the event too, by yours truly) — and was able to handle customized requirements including online event fee payments which contributed to; as what MRA Committee labelled; “a successful and organized Event”.

Halal Development Corporation

A collaborative project which involved revamp of the website. The goal was to provide better User Experience (UX) and better display and usable contents for the Visitors.

Our scope was to come up with the layout, design concept and execution to be blended into a perfect combination for a better UX. The design is proven to be effective as it has stood through time and still relevant until now since 2010.

World Gas Conference 2012

Pocket Pixel had the chance to explore a new requirement by National Organising Committee for WGC2012, which is to conceptualize and set up the Interactive Expert Showcase which features contents and presentation materials of the selected Speakers;displayed and archived on 12 32" and 40" touch screens.

It provided a different experience for the Attendees and Participants, and it was evident by an increased number of visitors to the what used to be known as Poster Session.

Institut Social Malaysia


Staying true to their tagline : Knowledge.Prospers.ThePeople — ISM has taken the initiative to revamp their Website to stay relevant to the public in carrying out their responsibility as a training hub for civil servants and other social practitioners as well as a resource centre for new ideas and information in the field of social policy and social development.

Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi


We joined in a collaboration work to assist JPT in updating their Web Portal.



 May we introduce, the team behind the work

Founder, BOD
Lennie Khalid
Aidil Goh
Createch Director
Jue Mohd
Project Manager
Sue Sapar
Front-End Developer
Farid Anuar
Back-End Developer
Zulaika Khaled
Content Manager
Murad Mazlan
Operations Support

Brothers & Sisters in Business,
We understand challenges of being an SME.

We do — and we understand how a good website can help you market your SME and help it grow.
We also understand the layers of considerations that you have to make that decision to own one - considering the cost and return of investment.

With Pay-in-Pixels package, we will help your Micro and Small Enterprises to own a website that will help you to create your online presence and reach to more customers.

If you’re an SME* and if you are clueless about how to start owning a website, come talk to us!

* Terms of Eligibility applies.

A Website isn't just a home.

It’s THE gateway to your agency.

It’s beyond just words and pictures accessible via the Internet — it represents your image, stature and most importantly; it establishes trust to your stakeholders and instil pride to your organization. Pocketpixel has worked with large agencies like Tabung Haji & Bank Rakyat who understand these -- 

that a website needs to be well-built, and well-maintained.

And they trust us with that.

After 8 years developing websites for many companies, agencies and corporate entities, we can say that we have sharp eyes for fluid User Experience (UX), compelling visual and layout designs and intuition for good content that portrays our Clients’ credibility.

Contact us if you’re ready to make an impression.



If you would like to have a feel of what it’s like to be a Pocketeer, Internship positions are available throughout the year.

Though; no one is really an ‘intern’ in Pocketpixel. In the spirits of equality, everyone will be treated the same –
so one thing we can promise you is that you‘d go through thick and thin, through better and worse just like any other Pocketeers; a promise of genuine experience.

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