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Meet the Pocketeers.

We are a team of strategists, designers and technologists who unites our expertise in strategy, design and development to create impactful digital experiences for organisations of various industries.

Noor Iskandar

Head Honcho

With over 20 years of experience in digital media, corporate and financial planning; Iskandar leads the business development path of Pocket Pixel. He has a knack for converging ideas, technologies and resources into creative business strategies that have been translated into several successful local and international portfolios.

Other than running Pocket Pixel, he also runs Ultra races.

Lennie Khalid

Chief Executive Officer

Her passion has always been movies, music and graphics; but Lennie progressed in her career path from being a graphic designer to a project manager to leading operations : she now advises businesses and organisations on Digital Strategies. She has a track record of building teams and leading collaborative efforts comprising of multimedia designers, developers, business strategists and technology experts.

She finds writing therapeutic and from time to time can be seen updating her IG with photos of pretty skies and food.

Aidil Goh

Creative & Tech Director

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Marzuqi Zainal

Project Executive & Web Developer

His day-to-day responsibilities include building features and monitoring Clients' digital platforms; while overseeing projects and ensuring internal and external resources are well-maintained. While wearing multiple hats in the studio, the team can always count on Marzuqi to exude positive aura around here.

Marzuqi often spends his weekends enjoying the outdoors, by being at local religious and community centres or enjoying the latest movies at the cinema.


Adila Kamal

Project & Studio Manager

3 months into her internship, Adila dove straight into her roles as our Project and Studio Manager in November '20. She keeps things in order with projects and the team on day-to-day basis; ensuring all parts are moving fluidly. Her role requires her to communicate with clients from startups to huge companies - and that thrill of being able to meet new people and experience fuels her passion to keep on learning new things each day.

Adila draws inspiration from animes she watches and music she listens to; and she believes these recharges her creativity that is translated in her work.

Hafizie Roselamat

UX & UI Designer

A people person; Hafizie is fascinated about positive influence of pleasant digital experiences that solve problems of various demographics. He is in a life-long mission to develop his heuristic design skills by discovering people's point of view and translating both common and complex daily challenges into effective, tangible digital solutions.

He try to experiences as many things as he can, mostly through books, video games and outdoor activities as to him, all that let him live multiple lives.

Faris Raji

Digital XP Designer

Faris strategises and visualises ideas into digital communication pieces. He believes in the power of listening and creating contents that relates : making the audience feel heard and understood.  He believes that no matter how complex it seems, every idea has the chance of being heard with the right medium.

Being both an adventurous and an indoor person, Faris balances his hybrid personality with his leisure time activities : video games, TV shows, books and sports like swimming or hitting the gym.

Ahmad Nasali

Project Manager

Having passion and having respect are often two different things, but both are equally the case with Ahmad and technology. He goes back and forth with his love/hate relationship with programming and algorithms, but his aspiration to be a part of innovators who create a better world, more often than not; wins the internal conflict.

He finds history interesting as he finds technology fascinating; and he often fills his leisure time with both.
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